Basic InformationEdit

'Zack is a 14 yr. old duelist. He loves a duel and will jump at the chance to challenge a strong opponent. His hero is Yusei Fudo, 'the man that merged sattalite and city. Though he is a slacker in middle school, he is pretty smart. You better watch out.

Personality & ApearenceEdit

'Zack is an all around good kid. He may be 14 but his wisdom exceeds that. He is able to see past someone's lies. 'Though he is usually lax & friendly, when he is forced to he can perfectly pull off a cold and uncaring persona.He can get easily attached to a girl that he dates and even when he breaks up with a girl,he still carries 'strong feelings for them. He doesn't give into little taunts but when it concerns family, friends, or his past he can really get angry. Overall he has a cool and composed front. He's always ready to risk his own well being for even a complete stranger. He believes that everything especially a duel, should be fought in honor. He's a great guy.

He has tan skin.(the kind you'd see from someone in Pheonix) He wears a burnt red shirt that says "Duel" in black, cursive letters, with a leather jacket on top. He also wears denim pants with "sketchers no-lace shoes.


Zackery was born in the Sattilite sector. When he was 5 yr. old the sector and city were merged. A few months later he was adopted by Luther Grant. A millionare and a corperate executive at Kaiba Corp. (the rest i cannot reveal. But i will in do time)


Zackery's deck incorperates the "Infernity" monsters. Kalin Kessler was the first to use this archetype. Zack's deck features the monsters he used, including "One Hundred Eyes Dragon". Though this monster is revived as a regular synchro monster.

The dueling manual says you must have 80 cards. Kalin meets this requirements.


  • Infernity Beast