Yugioh! The Next Generation is a fanfiction series by Nicholas Cornish. The series uses Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters and XYZ monsters. Most of the characters are based on real life people. The series introduces Duelist Points, which are virtual points that are used to enter tournaments or purchase rare cards.


Alex Tizer- Alex is the main protagonist, he is a dueling prodigy with the most Duelist Points known, having a total of 20,642 points when he first appeared. He uses a deck of machines. His weakness in dueling is that he is prone to be cautious when his opponents have face down cards. He is the nephew of Yusei Fudo. He is based a bit on the writer of the series, Nicholas Cornish

Thomas Lee- Thomas is the secondary protagonist, he is a very successful duelist, when he first appeared, he had a total of 7,588 Duelist Points. He uses a 3 way hybrid deck of Dragons, Spellcasters and Warriors. He is based on the writers best friend, Tom Dunn.

Rick Wallace- Rick has a fair ratio of Wins to Losses in Duel Monsters, he started the series of with 5,780 Duelist Points. He uses a Six Samurai deck. He is based on Richard Dean Williams, a friend of the writer.

Bethany Megans- Bethany is Thomas' Girlfriend, she doesn't duel that often but is quite good, starting the series off with 2,512 Duelist Points. She uses a Harpie Lady deck. She is based on Beth Makinson, Tom Dunn's real life Girlfriend.

Emily Lewis- Emily is Alex's love interest, and quickly becomes a friend of the group. Up until episode 12, she had never duelled before so she had 0 Duelist Points. She uses a Herald of Perfection deck. At the end of Season 1, she and Alex officially became a couple. She is based on Leonie Todd, a girl that the writer had a crush on in High School.

James- A former member of the DMH, after losing to Alex, he is fired from the DMH, then he helps out Alex by taking over his duel against Daniel, he then joins the team in season 2. He uses an Infernity Deck.

Johnny- Johnny is a young kid that is a huge fan of Alex, he asks Alex to help him with his duelling skills, and Alex becomes his part time mentor. He uses a Geargia deck.


The DMH- A band of masked villains, each one uses a different themed deck, hardly any of them are seen without their masks, their leader is not seen until season 1. Their motives aren't revealed until the final duel of Season 1.

Seymore Godderz- A school classmate of the gang and Thomas' Rival, he is an annoying bully who always spends time with his 2 friends, Roland and Howard. He is not a very successful duellist, but he has plenty of wins, due to the fact that he is known to cheat. He uses a Dragon Ruler Deck, which Thomas claimed used to belong to him.

Father Andrew- The Leader of the DMH, he wants to rid the world of duel monsters because some of histories most evil people used Duel Monsters to attempt to rule the world. He uses a Sin Deck

Vince- A black hat hacker who wants the rarest cards in all of duel monsters all to himself. He uses a Cybroid deck, which he later gave to Alex as a gift.

Phoenix- Phoenix is a masked duellist with an unknown history, he is the first duellist to beat Alex, after which he stole and smashed Alex's duellist point counter, after Alex wins their rematch, he is revealed to be Alex's father, Nathan. He uses an inferno deck. After being beaten by Alex, he turns good.


Number Name Plot Featured Duel(s)
1 New Beginnings 3 Friends, Thomas, Rick and Bethany, meet Alex, an expert duellist and Thomas challenges him to a duel. Thomas vs Alex
2 A New Enemy Rick fells down that he hardly wins his duels, when he is challenged to a duel by a masked stranger. Rick vs Masked Stranger
3 Mountainside When Rick tells the others about the masked stranger, when they are ambushed by another masked stranger, who only duels females. Bethany vs DMH Member
4 Tag Team Thomas and Alex are challenged to a tag duel by 2 members of the DMH Alex and Thomas vs The DMH
5 Man versus Machine Part 1 Alex has to defeat a member of the DMH in a duel, and if he loses, he loses his Dueling Deck. Alex vs DMH Member
6 Man Versus Machine Part 2 Alex is out of monsters and out of ideas, unless a card Thomas slipped into his deck can work as a game changer Alex vs DMH Member
7 Dragon Fire Thomas is challenged to a duel against a decendent of Seto Kaiba, with Thomas' favourite card at stake Thomas vs Naoki Kaiba
8 Beyond Infernity Part 1 Alex duels against a member of the DMH, and he seems to be one of Alex's toughest challenges yet Alex vs James
9 Beyond Infernity Part 2 Alex's duel with James is heating up, when Alex notices that James might not want to be part of the DMH Alex vs James
10 Time to Duel A member of the DMH that uses a Time Deck challenges Bethany to a duel Bethany vs Eric
11 Checkmate A member of the DMH faces off against Thomas, and his deck bears a slight similarity to chess Thomas vs Mason
12 7 Minutes in Heaven Emily feels like she should start duelling since the others like it so much, so when she makes her new deck, she is challenged to a duel by a member of the DMH Emily vs DMH Member
13 Sleeping with the fishes Alex is challenged to a duel with more on the line than usual, Alex's Jinzo card, all of Alex's Duelist Points and Emily and Bethany Alex vs Philippe
14 Bully After an encounter with Seymore, the school bully, Rick is challenged to a duel against a DMH member Rick vs Marco
15 New Ally Part 1 Alex duels against another member of the DMH, who posesses the most dangerous monster in all of Duel Monsters...Exodia Alex vs Daniel
16 New Ally Part 2 Former DMH member, James, takes over Alex's duel with Daniel, after he wins, he refuses to join the group, saying he works alone James vs Daniel
17 Quite a Puzzle The group try to hack into the DMH security, but have to pass through a series of Duel Puzzles

Group vs Duel Puzzles

18 Trust Issues When James returns, he says he can help the group stop the DMH once and for all, but Thomas doesn't think he can be trusted Thomas vs James
19 Final Sin Part 1 The gang have found the DMH headquarters, Rick, Thomas, Emily, James and Bethany all take out the DMH while Alex finds the leader, a priest, he challenges him to a duel, which proves to be possibly Alex's toughest challenge yet. Alex vs Father Andrew
20 Final Sin part 2 Alex is having trouble in his duel with Father Andrew, he needs a miracle Alex vs Father Andrew