This will be a story of Atem's orginal past before it was altered by Bakura

They say there are only 2 sides to every story

They are wrong

When you hear a story you hear it from one person's point of view

but in order to hear the whole story you need to you need to hear it rom everyone involved

Even the minorest of characters

The Creation of The & Millennium ItemsEdit

(Note: This chapter will be told from Theif king Bakura's point of view)

They came at night. They rode horses and were carrying torches. They burned down my village. I hid in the shadows as they killed my people. Everbody in the village died except for me. I was terrorfied but stayed hidden out of sight. I saw all of the attackers go inside the millennium stone's resting place. They were carrying the bodies of the dead villagers. They dumped the bodies inside and set the place on fire and burned it to the ground. They then searched the wreckage and found the stone. But now it had 7 golden items attached to it. They were what appeared to be 3 necklaces, 1 eye, 1 staff, 1 key, and one scale. The attackers or demons as I consider them then removed the item from the stone and ran away with them. Growing up without a family or home and wanting revenge on the demons that took it from turned me into a theif. Eventually I even became the king of theives. They called me Theif King Bakura. I now had an army of theives by my side to help me.

The new King of EgyptEdit

Note: this chapter is told from Yami's point of view

It was the day of my corination. I was a little nervous. But I had nothing to worry about. The ceremony went along fine but then I was attacked.Some theif tried to kill me. But thankfully my servents in charge of protecting the 7 millenium items saved me and dealed with the theif. They freed the theif of the evil controlling him and then sealed him away in the dungeon. Then the cermony continued just fine.

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