In the year 3065 a mad scientists gathers all the strongets duelist in all of time then he said that he needed them to save the world but he brought the evil duelist back too so know theres an on going battle of the good and The bad these are their stories. Alright Now go! Super Hero Captain Nova Attack! Atk/2000 def/0 said Jonathan

Not Yet I activate magic cylinder no go! Said Yugi

ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! Yelled Jonathan

LP: 1500 - 2000 = 0

You will never be ready when they attack said Kaiba

No i will be ready come on give me another chance pled jonathan

Fine But ill Duel You this time so jonathan get your game on! said Jaden

Duel they both said


DRAW! i summon superhero the flash in attack mode atk/1600 def/1500 and ill set 2 cards facedown

All right my turn draw! sweet i summon elemental hero avain in defense mode atk/1000 def/1000 now i activate polymerization!

get them! yelled The Dark Signers

DarkSigners everyone stop dueling and get ready to duel the dark signers

i guess thats game! said jaden. now lets beat these guys

To be Countinued

Jonathan's Deck

Yugi's Deck
Jaden's Deck

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