Tempus Cards are an archetype appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! EXEL. In total, there are 16 Tempus cards. Each card has a partner, with 8 pairs in total.

Yu-Gi-Oh! EXEL Edit

The cards first appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! EXEL - Chapter 3. Each Expovok Wielder has two corresponding cards, which cannot be taken from them. If stolen, the cards will turn blank, only the corresponding Expovok Wielder can give it to someone, and even then, it turns blank after 24 hours. Each card represents a side of the Wielder. One represents their dark side, while the other represents their light side. As well as that, Tempus 1-8 are the wielders light side, while 9-16 are their dark side.

Members Edit

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