Sachiko Shinozaki




Seiji Shinozaki (Father)
Yoshie Shinozaki (Mother)
Minato Shinozaki (Older Brother)

Dueling School

Heavenly Host

Duel Rank

Shin Orange

Dueling Ace



Fairy Deck

Sachiko Shinozaki is the main protagonist's little sister, and a recurring protagonist of the fanfiction story The Dark Messenger. She is a girl who is Minato's little sister, and a Fairy Type Duelest, with her partner being Athena


Sachiko is a carefree girl, and respects duelests, and treats her fellow Shin right, and doesn't have much friends at Heavenly Host. She even has a great source of guidance through her brother's ace The Dark Messenger, Dahaka, and her's Athena. She takes great pride in her Duels, and stops at nothing to help her brother complete her father's dying wish.


Sachiko is a little girl wearing a yellow dress, with blue eyes, and has long black hair.


In the first chapter Minato Skyped her, and their mother Yoshie after his day and Chazz walked in and they talked about the day before leaving.

In the second chapter she was skyped by her brother, and told him that Yoshie was working late. She bid, him and Chazz goodnight before leaving.

In Chapter 3

In Chapter 4

In Chapter 5


Sachiko plays a Fairy Deck, which composed of Fairy cards and she uses them like a pro. She is not much like her brother of being fond of being quite a strategist, and a genus at how she uses them, but plans what she'll do. Her Ace for this deck is Athena.

Fairy Deck

Sachiko also plays a Vampire Deck, which composed of Zombies cards. She mostly plays to revive her monsters, and used their special effects to defeat her opponents, which works only a little. Her ace for this deck is Vampire Genesis.

Vampire Deck


Sachiko is unsure if she'll be a good duelest. Minato is determined to make sure she'll win each duel to keep her from not believing in herself.

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Vellian Crowler Chapter 5 Win
Satoshi Takemaru Chapter 7 Win
Chazz Princeton Chapter 8 Win
Nightshroud/Atticus Rhodes Chapter 9 Win
Camula Chapter 12 Win