Michel Ryo Edit

Michel is the lead charactor in my fan fiction Legend of the Banishers. He is the type of person who likes to duel alot, no matter how down he can feel he is always ready for a duel with absolutly anyone, rising to the challenge

He is quite interested in music and carries his own guitar, which he will often carry around with him. Upon accepting a duel he can transform his guitar into his own personall duel disk. This custom duel disk and guitar combo was created as a gift to him by his farther.

He makes his first entrance in Chapter 1 "Time to go". Currently on his way to Chimera city he runs into an old freind Cole Viceman. the two get along well and have been friends for years, when they meet upon the ship bound for Chimera city. The two then get into a duel after Cole notices that Michel is feeling a bit down. The duel takes place in the main room on board the ship in front a crowd of people. By the end of chapter 1 the two finish their duel to then hear an annocement that they will soon be arriving in the city, from their the chaos begins.

During Chapter 2: Enter the Un-known Michel finds himself in the port of Chimera city still with his closest friend Cole, only to be split up once they arrive in a large open area surrounded by buildings all marked with the elemental symbols of fire, water, wind, earth, dark and light. The of them part ways breifly and during the night Michel has a dream where he encounters a strange warrior like bieng that stands before him waking up in the midst of a solar flare. He once more meets up with Cole on the way to his duel, upon which is interrupted by yet another solar flare, corrupting the AI oppenent and leaving Michel to fight for his life.

Michel's DeckEdit

These are the cards that Michel uses during his duel with Cole in Chapter 1.


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