Max Tate


Max Tate


Yu-Gi-Oh! Darkness




System City Duel Academy student



Max Tate is a 16 year old duelist. He is a kind, fun loving person who is always up for a duel. He uses a mixed deck with several different st. He is a very powerful duelist and hardly ever loses a duel. Max may only be 16, but don't underestimate him!

Personality Edit

Max is a very courageous person. He is always doing things others can't. He has a lot of self-esteem, never losing hope in himself, even when all is lost he fights on. He rarely gets angry at people he knows aren't bad people but occasionally yells.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

When Max was a child his family lived in a mansion. Max got whatever he wanted, but what he wanted most was a duel disk. When he was ten, he got his first duel disk. But it was destroyed when it was struck by lightning. From then on he duelled without a duel disk. But when he was 13, his parents gave him a surprise, he was gonna go to Duel Academy! On the day of his entrance exams he sprinted there hoping to be the first to get in. When he did get in he was given a Blackwing Black uniform. He wanted to be in Stardust White but knew he would work his way up.


Deck Edit

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Max has a deck that focuses on the summoning of powerful monsters. However, he has used several other decks throughout the series.

Summoning ChantsEdit

Archangel - RazielEdit

Protector of Light, Descend from the sky and destroy the darkness! Come forth, Archangel - Raziel!


  • Max was originally going to be called Trent Enyoma. But the series' creator made it a more common name.
  • Max is the only Main Protagonist in all of the Yu-Gi-Oh Series to not have a name starting with "Yu".