The LDI is a professional duel academy founded by Kor the Wise because it isn't dueling that made him a hero, it because of his priorities that made every crime kneel before him and cheer “all hail Kor”.


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Uniform, Meals, and Overnight stayEdit

every enrolled students are automatic assigned to dormitories by genders, males wear black heart long-tailed jackets with gold trimming while females wear violet tops with white trimmings. each dormitories has finer three course meals and from 9 PM to 4 AM night time sleep.

Difference in DuelingEdit

  • the Excalibur Monsters are new in the series as well as Peon Tokens.
  • Spell cards and Trap cards can now be tribute determine the effect of Excalibur Summoning.


main article: Subjects of LDI

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