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Janai Lavender (Wadjet White in the Japanese Version) is the highest dorm in Duel Academy, being even more better than Obelisk Blue. This dorm was dedicated to Al Sahara, the incarnate of Korasi by Seto Kaiba due to her possessing the Forgotten God, Janai Protex (Snake God Wadjet in the Japanese Version).

Like Obelisk Blue, Janai Lavender has 2 dorms, one for Males, and one for Females. Though, this is the only dorm to be located underground, and is secret from all others. There is two entrences, one in the Boy's Bath, and the other outside in the Academy Courtyard. As of now, the only known Professor incharge is Lord Raever XXXI.

Janai Lavender is also said to be the most strictest dorm on campus, since everyone who is in this dorm, must keep it a secret or be whipped. This has been stopped after Lord Raever's defeat and now, Janai Lavender is not private as it was before.


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Janai Lavender has a various dress code, so everyone is dressed different depending on their ranks. When they are studying, they wear Obelisk White basic suits, since this dorm was helped developed by Satorious. People such as Zane Truesdale, Jaden Yuki, Jesse Anderson and Karin Moutoku wear their own personal suits (Zane wears a royal Kaiser Suit, Jaden wears a Tuxedo, Jesse wears Prince vestments and Karin wears an Empress robe).

Characters in Janai LavenderEdit

  • Zane Truesdale (Graduated)
  • Jaden Yuki (Enrolled, but left)
  • Jesse Anderson (Enrolled, but left)
  • Karin Moutoku (Enrolled, but left)
  • Lord Raever XXXI (Season 1-3. Fired)
  • Mister Hawk (Season 3 and beyond)
  • Satorious

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