Expovok Wielder 's are a group of people appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! EXEL. They are all able to use the Expovok power.

Yu-Gi-Oh! EXEL Edit

Their are eight Expovok wielders. Four are forces of good, while four are forces of evil. Each Expovok Wielder can also 'jump' into the future in extreme circumstances, swapping with their future selves. The four evil Expovok Wielders have grouped together to take over the planet, calling themselves the Expovok Powers.

Members Edit

Good Edit

  1. Trent Enyoma
  2. Tsunon Kasakadu
  3. Elena Ryan
  4. Unknown

Expovok Powers =Edit

  1. Neoc Viata
  2. Aevus Lawrence
  3. Hora Dies
  4. Seculum Vecto

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