This archtype makes its first appearance in Legend of the Banishers Chapter 2: Enter the Unknown. These monsters are used by an AI duel progam which the main charactor for the fan fiction Michel Ryo must challenge to gain entry into Chimera City.

Play styleEdit

The archtype is comprised or Light and Thunder monsters which revolve around powering up each turn. The main feature of this archtype is their "Dynamo counters" and their abillity to reduce their attack for certain effects. The star card for the archtype is Dynamo Colossus. This can deal a massive blow to the opponents life points based on its attack, the damage increases further based on the number of "Dynamo counters" in play

Dynamo CountersEdit

The major power source for the archtype, these counters give a power boost of 100 attack to a dynamo monster when it is the battle pahse. This may not sound like much, but since every monster in the archtype can gain a counter through some method and that the monsters gain 100 for each, if left in play for too long, they can become a really troublesome archtype to take down.


These monsters often have yellow blue and white colours around them. Mostly a white body with small blue details and yellow features. All of them are quite bulky and their limbs are held together by electricity, most of which are simple shapes such as spheres and cylinders.

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