Cyberus is the main antagonist of the second volume of Yu-Gi-Oh! Darkness. He is from a possible future where all humans live in peace. He plans on changing it into an apocalyptic future of which he will rule over.




Cyberus' true name is unknown as even he doesn't remember it. As a child, a 8 year old Cyberus was forced into hiding after the Ener-D reactor started to malfunction once again. After the second Zero Reverse, Cyberus emerged from his hiding place and found that most of System City had been destroyed. For several days he searched for survivors.He found a group of people building a tower they called, "Cyberus". The young Cyberus at this time gained hope as the tower they were building would help bring forth a new society. When he was 11, the Cyberus Tower was completed and the newsociety had already spread. Survivors from all over the world had gone to System City.

Teen YearsEdit

When Cyberus was 16, he realised that the new society wouldn't last much longer and started going insane. Whenever he got mad, any machinery around him would start to float around him. Occasionally he would wake up and System City would be back to its former glory. But then things would start rewinding. When Cyberus was 18, System City was restored and was nowapeaceful haven, just like when Cyberus used to wake up. But Cyberus started to despise this new society and took on the title of Cyberus. He put on a mechanical mask, white robes and two metal gauntlets with red gems. Cyberusused his control over technology




Cyberus can control technology with a single thought. He can change it as to build entirely different machines and can even disintegrate it.


Cyberus uses a deck filled with 'Tech Master' cards. It is a Burn/Heal deck that deals damage to the opponent and gives Cyberus extra life points. When Max battles with Cyberus, Cyberus' spells and traps quickly reduce him to almost no Life Points.



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